• A total of 5,371,760 tokens will be allocated to users who bought CHA tokens before July 31st at 23:59 UTC.
  • The allocation results from a consensus reached via a community vote designed to reward presale participants. 
  • We’ve taken a snapshot of users’ CHA balances, and all presale participants will receive 1,000 CHA and +12% of their CHA balance.
  • We will notify users by email once the allocation has been sent to their account.

Chains user’s presale allocation explained

Following a discussion with our community, we have reached a consensus regarding the CHA amount to be awarded to users who have participated in the CHA token presale. The reward constitutes around 0.1% of the total token supply and amounts to 5,371,760 CHA tokens.

We have taken a snapshot of our user’s CHA balances on July 31st at 23:59 UTC and will transfer each presale participant 1000 tokens and a +12% reward, calculated based on CHA holdings at the time of the snapshot.

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