Nearly 50,000 CHA token presale whitelist applications have been processed and approved.
If you haven’t yet whitelisted your account, you have limited time to do so. Visit your account Dashboard to submit a CHA token presale whitelist application.


As we are now on the brink of commencing the platform’s official native token CHA presale, we are pleased to announce that as of May 30th, we have completed processing nearly 50,000 whitelist presale applicants. 

Our team at Chains values the trust placed in us by the tens of thousands who intend to participate in the presale and the hundreds of thousands who have created accounts on our platform.

Whitelisted Chains accounts will be able to purchase Chains’ native token CHA at the lowest price-range during the presale event. 

During the presale event, we will be offering 450,000,000 (out of 1,800,000,000) CHA tokens on a first-come-first-served basis. The price per token will increase gradually with every 18,000,000 tokens sold. The presale constitutes the first 25 tranches, out of 100 total.

Accredited investors from the U.S must whitelist their accounts before participating in any stage of the sale and will be handled through an SEC 506c compliant process via SAFTs.

If you still haven’t applied to whitelist your account, now is the time to do so, as the CHA token presale is scheduled to begin in the upcoming weeks. You can whitelist your account by visiting your Account Dashboard and submitting an application.

About the CHA Token

CHA Token Utility

CHA tokens are designed to provide users with:

● Stake-based Launchpad participation

● Stake-based trading fee discount

● Fee discounts when used as a method of payment

● Stake-based Airdrop participation

● Tiered staking-based referral bonuses

● Access to EIC

● Payment subsidies when utilized as a medium of exchange

● CHA will allow users to buy tokens at discounted prices via the Launchpad

Utility-vested Tokens

Tokens purchased during the public sale and distributed to verified accounts will be available immediately for utility purposes and will provide users with access to lower fees, marketplace discounts, and the ability to purchase premium services.

Tokens utilized in such a manner will unlock in a 1:2 ratio – meaning for each token purchased and utilized, 2 tokens will be unlocked entirely.

Unutilized tokens will unlock over an 8-month period in monthly installments of 12.5%.

Additional details about the presale and CHA token economics are available here:
Chains Lightpaper

Chains Whitepaper