• The Deep Space Society (DSS) is an NFT collection issued exclusively for users and early adopters.
  • DSS is represented by 1,000,000 uniquely designed digital artworks, serving as gatekeepers to product features and certain parts of the Chains ecosystem.
  • All users are eligible to receive this unique NFT absolutely free of charge.
  • This step-by-step guide will detail the steps needed to claim your DSS NFT.

How to claim your Deep Space Society NFT by Chains?

Follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. All eligible participants must have an active Chains account. Register on using this link if you haven’t done so already, set up your account, and submit your profile information as required.
  1. In order to receive the DSS NFT token, you must have an EVM address and connect your wallet to Polygon (MATIC) blockchain (a Layer 2 that has been embraced by giants such as Stripe, Meta, and many others)
    Recommended and popular wallets include MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Do not submit a Polygon wallet address from an exchange.
    If you don’t have such a wallet set up, Jump to section 4 below for detailed instructions on setting up a MetaMask wallet.

  2. If you already have a wallet set up, you can proceed to our dedicated Telegram NFT bot

Follow the instructions of our dedicated Chains Deep Space Society NFT Telegram bot to submit your application:

4. If you don’t have a Polygon-connected wallet, follow the instructions below.

Installing MetaMask

MetaMask is available to download and install on Chrome, iOS, or Android through the official MetaMask website. Always check if you are visiting the official website, to ensure you’re downloading the genuine MetaMask extension.

Head over to the MetaMask website in order to start the wallet installation process.
– To begin the process, choose your operating system from the available options and click {Install MetaMask for Chrome}.

– You will then be redirected to your browser app store of choice to add the extension.

– After downloading and installing the extension, you will see the MetaMask welcome page. Click on {Get Started} button to begin the installation process.

– To create a new wallet, click the {Create a Wallet} button. You can also easily import an old wallet using its original seed phrase with the {Import Wallet} option.

– MetaMask will then ask you if you would like to share anonymous usage data with them to help improve the experience. This will not affect your usage in any way. It’s your choice.

– Now you must choose a secure password used to log in to your wallet from your browser. This is not your seed phrase. The password is an extra security measure to prevent anyone using your personal device from gaining access to your wallet. You can always access your crypto wallet using your seed phrase if you ever forget your password. Click {Create} to continue.

– Once you have chosen your password, MetaMask will present you with information about your wallet’s seed phrase. It is recommended to read through it if you are not entirely familiar with how a crypto wallet works. Click {Next} to continue. 

– Your seed phrase will now be shown. Click the lock icon to view the words and remember them in the correct order. Write down your seed phrase in a secure place (ideally offline) and never share it with anyone. This string of words, in their correct order, is the final backup of your wallet and your assets. Click {Next} to continue.

– You will now have to repeat your seed phrase by selecting the words at the bottom of the screen in the correct order, as shown in the previous screen. Click {Confirm} once you are done.

– Your MetaMask wallet will now be set up and ready to use. Read the following seed phrase storing options carefully. Click {All Done} to view your wallet.

– By clicking the puzzle icon, you can pin the MetaMask extension to your Chrome browser toolbar so it’ll always be visible. By default, MetaMask will only be connected to Ethereum Mainnet.

Let’s move on to connecting your MetaMask to the Polygon network.

Adding Polygon network to your MetaMask wallet

MetaMask does not have the Polygon network added by default. Setting up your browser wallet to connect to Polygon is simple and relatively quick, following the instructions below:

– Open MetaMask and click the network (Ethereum Mainnet) dropdown menu.

– Click the {Add Network} button on the pop-up window.

– You will then need to manually add the following details on the {Add a network} pop-up page, as shown below. Click the {Save} button once you are done.

– You have now successfully connected your MetaMask wallet to the Polygon network.

Check out the official MetaMask FAQ page for more information and helpful tips.

5. One final step is required, please follow our social media channels – where we update daily on all things Chains.

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Conclusion: Congratulations! Leave the rest to us. We will deliver the Deep Space Society NFT to the MATIC wallet address you have provided. It may take a few weeks, as the NFTs are released in editions of 50,000 each.

You will receive an email notification to the address associated with your Chains account once your Deep Space Society GEN-0 NFT is sent to your address.

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