TL;DR: Everything is awesome. Nearly 300,000 users created an account on so far, and we are shipping as fast as we can.


Leading up to the launch of, our teams have put together various growth forecasts. Being the responsible adults that we are, marketing, product, and tech personnel worked through contingency plans – communication and infrastructure wise, all made to ensure that:

  • Our site and servers remain online and secure throughout the launch.
  • We are capable of supporting our users through the various commnication channels.
  • All our automated communications are up to date and ready to fire the millions of messages needed ensure Chains users can reset passwords, refer friends, set up 2FA, apply for the Presale Whitelist and more.

The first 24 hours were the most intense. The site went down for 20 minutes as we were upgrading the infrastructure to meet demand, but in the end, over 100,000 users managed to create their accounts on by 7:00 GMT 23/02/2022. Over a quarter of a million accounts were created within a span of a week. As of right now, over 293,000 accounts have been created.

We are grateful for the response from the community so far and we are happy to announce that we’ve deployed multiple upgrades to our product and infrastructure this weekend:

  1. Users using Google, Facebook and Twitter logins when creating their Chains accounts now correctly count as referrals, and can correctly refer others.
  2. Fixed multiple desktop/mobile email usability issues.
  3. Chains User Dashboard upgrade! It is now easier to see your vCHA balance updates as well as share your Chains invites.
  4. Chains now has 24/7 support on our Telegram and Discord channels!
  5. We are deploying a protocol that will retroactively credit referral bonuses for accounts -confirmed- just outside of the 5 hour deadline.

This is the very beginning. It’s still early. We appreciate our early adopters and look forward to putting more products into your hands in the very near future.

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