• Chains has secured a strategic financial partner to support its growth and commercialization.
  • We are committed to further enhancing and commercializing our multichain Launchpad and Staking platforms.
  • We intend to aggressively optimize our operations by reviewing our existing vendor relationships in order to meet our 2023 goals.

We have big plans for 2023. While 2022 is the year that we introduced Chains to the world and launched our very first products, 2023 is the year of scaling, commercializing, and growing out of the purely “early adopter” stage we have been operating in.

Following successfully completing its token sale and listing CHA tokens on Bitmart, is now focused on commercializing and onboarding business partners. We have secured a financing partner committed to supporting and enabling the platform’s growth, ensuring that remains at the forefront of the launchpad and cryptocurrency staking category. The injection of additional capital is pivotal to expanding the platform’s capabilities and developing new products that cater to the needs of both existing and future users.

With this latest development, is well-positioned to continue building the best possible multi-chain Launchpad and Staking products while delivering on its long-term roadmap. While we are working on Prism – our multi-asset analytics product- Chains will invest first and foremost into its existing offerings and ensure that we continue onboard top-tier partners.

The platform aims to further reduce its burn rate and focus on its core business activities to achieve this goal. recognizes the importance of providing its users with a secure, reliable, and user-friendly platform for launching and staking cryptocurrencies. As such, the funding will further improve the platform’s security measures and enhance its user experience.

In conclusion,’s securing financing partner is a significant milestone for the platform, and the team is excited to leverage this funding to grow and deliver on its vision. With a focus on reducing burn rate and enhancing its core business activities, is well-positioned to grow into a leader in the launchpad and cryptocurrency staking category. The platform is dedicated to providing its users with the best possible experience, and this latest development is a step towards achieving that goal.

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