CHA, the native token of the Chains platform, will be offered for sale, for the first time to the public, in the second quarter of 2022. 
CHA will not be available for purchase anywhere but during or before the genesis token sale.


  • The token sale will take place in Q2 2022, starting at $0.0104 per CHA token.
  • You need a Chains account to participate in the sale.
  • If you want to participate in the presale, you need to whitelist your Chains account.
  • 25% of the tokens are offered via a presale.
  • Public sale token prices begin at $0.0513 and end at $0.0993.
  • Tokens will be distributed after the public sale is complete, subject to up to 8 months of vesting and KYC.

CHA Token Sale and the Presale Stage

A total of 1,800,000,000 CHA tokens will be available for sale, with 450,000,000 tokens available during the presale stage, which will be accessible to users with whitelisted Chains accounts. If you haven’t already set up your Chains account and applied to be whitelisted, visit today and apply by clicking the button at the bottom of your Dashboard.

  • Whitelisted accounts can participate in the CHA Token Presale. ($0.0104-$0.0504 USD per CHA).
  • Non-whitelisted accounts from non-restricted jurisdictions can participate in the public sale.
  • CHA token price increases with every 18,000,000 tokens sold
Tokens offered:1,800,000,000
Pricing:A diminishingly increasing price-curve
100 tranches of 18,000,000 CHA each
Price increases with every 18,000,000 tokens sold
Presale start price:$0.0104 USD
Presale max price:$0.0504 USD
Public sale max price:$0.0993 USD
Supported currencies:BNB, Ethereum, Tron, Bitcoin, USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, and multiple alts via the Coinbase payment gateway.
Distribution:After participating in the sale, users will be required to complete their Chains account setup and KYC process. Within 21 days of the completion of the public sale, CHA tokens will be placed in the users’ account, subject to a monthly vesting schedule.

At the start of the public sale, CHA is priced at $0.0513, with price increments for every 18,000,000 tokens sold. Visit the lightpaper for a full list of price tranches.

For reference, here are CHA pricing milestones throughout the sale:

% of Tokens on SaleTokens SoldCHA Token Price

Public Sale Completion 

  • The public sale will be halted once the maximum number of available of tokens, 1,800,000,000 CHA, is sold.
  • The public sale will run for no less than 45 days in case it is not sold out beforehand.
  • Tokens will be distributed no earlier than 3 weeks after the end of the public sale.

Utility-Vested Tokens

Tokens purchased during the public sale and distributed to verified accounts are available immediately for utility purposes: users will have access to lower trading fees, Prism and Launchpad access, and the ability to purchase premium services, once these become available.

Choosing to use these features will unlock tokens at a 1:2 ratio. This means for every 1 token used on the platform, 2 tokens will be unlocked entirely and can be withdrawn or traded. Any remaining unutilized tokens will unlock over an 8 month period at a rate of 12.5%.

Multi-chain by design

CHA tokens will be available on Ethereum, BSC, MATIC, and TRON chains. When purchasing the tokens, you can choose on which blockchain your CHA tokens are to be deployed. In the near future, Chains will offer a swapping mechanism between the supported blockchains.

Learn More

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