The CHA token presale was not just an exercise in selling tokens. It was also a viable way for us to introduce a brand new product, the Chains Launchpad, to a limited number of users before it is available to the general public. 

There is no “soft” way of testing a cryptocurrency-enabled product. The transactions, currencies, KYC process, and users all need to be real. 

The Launchpad is 24 hours old, and our developers are working around the clock on improving it for the next wave of users. 


  • Some users had a bad experience during the presale. Therefore, we are extending the presale by 72 hours.
  • We are using this extra time to polish the Launchpad experience and ensure the public sale experience is far better. 
  • Chains will be burning 100% of all unsold presale and public sale tokens upon completion of the sales.
  • We know for a fact that we will be offering an excellent experience to hundreds of thousands of users once the presale stage is over and the CHA token sale is open to the public. 

Things we should have done better:

  • We intended to open the presale to whitelisted accounts at 5:00 am UTC. However, in reality, the servers went live at 5:10 am UTC.
    We saw thousands of whitelisted users and “bystanders” waiting for the Launchpad to go live on the dot, and we disappointed every one of them.
  • The credit card payment gateway provided incorrect pricing data to some users.
    We saw many users struggling with completing credit card transactions and complaining about the experience and decided to shut down the Indacoin payment gateway altogether until we can deliver a better experience. 
  • The TRON payment gateway requires users to use a transaction note, which several users failed to provide. As a result, we are now processing these transactions manually. Every TxID is accounted for, and all transactions should be finalized within 48 hours.
  • Some users experienced an error when trying to login into their 2FA-enabled accounts. The issue is now resolved.

The good news:

Shipping is incredibly hard. Especially products that need to be shipped immediately into the hands of thousands of real users. We are proud that Chains Launchpad is fully operational and was shipped in line with the timeline we committed to on our roadmap. 

We can now promise the certainty of an excellent experience to hundreds of thousands of users once the Chains Launchpad exits the presale stage and the CHA token sale is made available to the public.

Thank you

We deeply appreciate the early adopters that are part of this process and think of them as design partners. Without your input and participation, the Chains Launchpad could never have reached its full potential.

Follow us on social media for future announcements and updates. Also, feel free to ask questions on our Telegram channel, where we provide 24/7 support on all things Chains.

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