TL;DR: we introduced multiple fixes to account creation and user referral logic and decided to retroactively credit users for referrals that occurred outside of the 5-hour window. Check your email or login to your Chains dashboard to see if your account received the extract vCHA.

Retroactive vCHA Allocations

Over the past month, we’ve spent quite a bit of time analyzing our users’ behavior, and we noticed that a large number of users would invite their friends to, well outside the 5 hours window we initially assigned. The invitee would join, and receive the extra 100,000 vCHA, but the person who invited them, wouldn’t benefit from inviting them to the platform. The aforementioned was only partially by design.

After taking these and other parameters into account, we decided to credit 78,370 of our users with a total of 9,529,500 vCHA.

A New Referral Mechanism

Chains had a remarkable first month (more on that soon), but it also became obvious that the intensity of the referral mechanism meant that some users were set up for failure. If you completed the creation of your account at 23:30 (that’s 11:30 PM for our American friends), it’d be much harder for you to invite users than for someone who created their account in the early afternoon.

It was not our intention to make the accumulation of vCHA harder for some users than others, ergo the transition to a 24-hour invite window. However, the fixes do not end there. We’ve eliminated multiple parent/child referral edge cases that prevented the correct attribution of vCHA and credited all the affected accounts.

A new and improved referral system, a 24-hour window, and a retroactive allocation of vCHA.

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